How Does Lufthansa Change Name Policy Work?

How Does Lufthansa Change Name Policy Work?

As per the Lufthansa name change policy, passengers with incorrect names on their tickets can alter or correct it. The airline is very strict regarding its regulations; therefore, it does not permit passengers to travel with misspelled names. Moreover, the name on the flight ticket must be similar to the name mentioned in your passport or any government-approved ID. Therefore, if you see a misspelled name on your flight ticket, it’s best to make the required updates as soon as possible. To get more information, you need to read the sections below. 

What is Lufthansa Name Change Policy? 

Here are the following guidelines you need to consider while initiating change name on Lufthansa flight

  • You can update up to two letters.
  • You need to update the name within 24 hours of booking the flight ticket to avoid paying the Lufthansa name change fee
  • As per the Lufthansa change name policy, you cannot remove the second family name on your air ticket. 
  • Moreover, the fee will be charged based on the far type, route, and other circumstances. 
  • Additionally, the airline renders multiple online and offline modes to make name corrections. 

What is Lufthansa Change Name Fee? 

Majorly, passengers need to be familiar with the fee structure of Lufthansa Airlines for the name update. Moreover, Lufthansa change name fee is applied as follows:

  1. Minor Spelling Mistakes
  • Updates initiated within 24 hours of the reservation don’t cost anything. 
  • After 24 hours, every passenger has to pay the applied name correction fee (approximately Euro 25). 

      2. Further Name Updates 

  • If you make an update after ticket issuance, you will be charged approximately Euro 100. 
  • Further, updating around two characters would cost approximately Euro 25. 


While making any name alteration, you need to be sure that there are some rules and regulations imposed by the airline. Regardless of any reason, you must make all the required changes by systematically following the Lufthansa name change policy. To get further details, visit the official airline’s website or contact its customer support team at +1 (800) 645-3880. Or dial +1-800-865-1848 for instant support.


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