How Does Emirates Name Correction Policy Work? 

How Does Emirates Name Correction Policy Work? 

Have you mentioned the wrong name on your Emirates air ticket? Don’t worry; the airline offers you another opportunity to correct or alter it. Yes, you read it right: under Emirates name correction policy, you can smoothly make the name updates on your ticket. To get more detailed information regarding Emirates change name on booking policy, fees, etc., go through the following guide. 

What is the Emirates Change Name Policy? 

The airline understands that passengers can make spelling errors while booking. Therefore, it offers a flexible and user-friendly name-change policy. 

  • As per the Emirates name correction policy, you cannot make alterations after check-in. 
  • The airline permits you to change up to three characters.
  • Corrections made within 24 hours of booking do not cost you anything.
  • After 24 hours of booking, you can correct the wrong name on Emirates ticket by paying the fee based on various elements. 
  • Furthermore, you can make corrections before 5-6 hours of the scheduled departure. 

How Much Does Emirates Name Correction Charge? 

Before heading to the name change process, you must be familiar with the fee structure. Delve into the following points to know the applied fee for by the airline:

  • For places like India, Brazil, and the UK, the Emirates change name on booking fee is approximately $30. Always ensure that you make a booking from the airlines website directly.
  • Moreover, the name modification fee is completely based on numerous elements, including ticket types, etc. 
  • If you want to make alterations in Economic class, approximately $120 will be charged. A passenger who wants to make a name modification on a business class ticket has to pay approximately $200. 

Final Verdict 

Following the Emirates name correction policy is mandatory for a hassle-free name correction. Once you make the correction, you will not face any trouble while traveling. Hence, make changes accordingly within the specific period of time available. For further details, open the Emirates Airlines official website or contact its executive at +1(800)777-3999. If you face any issues while contacting them, dial +1-800-865-1848, the travel experts number, for the required assistance and support. 


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